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Business travelers arriving in China during 2013

MJ recently celebrated 清明节, which is a 3 day weekend in China that both celebrates the arrival of Spring and commemorates one's ancestors. MJ used the holiday to answer a simple question: who is coming to China for business travel?

The answer is about 5 million. The largest source of business travelers are the nearby countries of South Korea, Japan, and Russia.

Some results were surprising.

  • Did you know that Australia, with its small population and a 12 hour flight time from Beijing, sent 4x as many people as America on a per-capita basis?
  • The U.K. similarly sends 2x as many people as America on a per-capita basis. (We hear the mayor of London is taking Mandarin classes!)
  • And Africa sends 4x as many business travelers as South America.

MJ found all of his data at the China National Tourism Administration (

Top 10 Countries / Regions Sending Business Travelers to China
(2013 Arrivals)

1. South Korea (1,298,000)
2. Japan (853,000)
3. Russia (656,000)
4. United States (508,000)
5. Germany (273,000)
6. Africa (240,000)
7. India (227,000)
8. U.K. (199,000)
9. Singapore (187,000)
10. Australia (129,000)